Mini Monarch Essentials

Instructors: Monarch Joint Venture staff

Course Fee: $50

Join the Monarch Joint Venture for a 2-hour, self-paced online course to learn about monarch butterfly biology, life cycle and identification, migration and overwintering biology, threats and stressors, as well as the conservation actions that you can take to help protect this iconic species.

Note: This course has Spanish subtitles! 

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About This Course

Mini Monarch Essentials is a 2-hour, self-paced online course that provides introductory knowledge of monarch butterfly biology, threats, and the effective conservation actions that you can take to help protect this iconic species and support thriving pollinator ecosystems.

Participants will have the opportunity throughout the course to ask questions via email and on discussion boards. Live Q&A sessions will also be scheduled throughout the year with MJV science, habitat, and education specialists. These sessions are 30 minutes and are scheduled each month.

  • Clock hours (CEUs) can be given to educators for teacher license renewal. Just email us! Speaking of teachers... email us for a discount code. 
  • Not sure if you’re ready for the Complete course? Take this one first and if you decide you want to enroll in the Complete course when you’re done, we will send you a discount for it!
  • If cost is a barrier and you would like to request financial support, please reach out to


...the Mini Monarch Essentials Course is a must for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of Monarch butterflies and actively contribute to their conservation. I left the course feeling not only more informed but also inspired to take meaningful steps in preserving these incredible insects. Don't hesitate – join this course and be part of the Monarch butterfly conservation movement. You won't be disappointed!

Sara, Illinois

This is an excellent program for anyone who is interested in learning more about monarchs and monarch conservation but doesn't know where to start. The course is based in scientific research but avoids being bogged down by jargon and complicated language, and is a really comprehensive overview of the species, their biology, what threats face them, and how you can get involved and make a difference.

Catherine, Illinois

This course was great to get an understanding of the full situation with the Monarch butterfly. It helped to clarify parts of the lifecycle that I was not aware of despite having taught about butterflies for over a decade. I feel like I can better teach my students how to help Monarchs and other pollinators as well. The information was clear and well expressed to help me easily understand. In addition, the resources provided to look at in further detail are excellent and well put together.

Misty, Alabama


Breeding Biology - Life Cycle & Identification

Migration & Overwintering Biology

Population Threats & Stressors

Conservation Strategies & Action - What We Can Do to Help Monarchs

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