Chrysalis Crew

Chrysalis Crew: Explore and Protect Monarch Butterflies

Instructors: MJV Staff

Price: $20

The Chrysalis Crew course is the first in the Monarch Discovery Corps series of online courses for kids ages 8-12. On their own schedule, kids can complete this course online by watching a series of engaging videos and participating in exciting activities.

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Why this course?


The Chrysalis Crew course is designed for kids ages 8-12 (suggested ages) and offers an engaging and educational journey into the world of monarch butterflies. Through engaging videos and exciting activities, participants will learn about the life cycle, sensory systems, migration, and threats facing the monarch, and lots of actions to protect them. Each chapter combines scientific knowledge with hands-on experiences to help young explorers understand and appreciate these fascinating insects. Join us for a captivating adventure as we uncover the secrets of monarch butterflies and discover how we can help protect them!

The course videos take about an hour to watch (over 5 chapters), with additional time needed to complete 4 activities. Taking photos is a big part of this course, as participants will upload pictures of their activites. A smartphone or tablet would also be helpful to download an app to help identify plants and insects. 

After completing the course and uploading the activities, students will recieve an envelope in the mail with their certificate of completion and several goodies to continue their outdoor investigations. We hope this will inspire the next generation of nature explorers and monarch ambassadors!

Please reach out to if you have any questions. 

Course Curriculum

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